מרכז הקבלה של צפת

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Understanding and experiencing Kabbalah

Empowering Spirituality for a New Era

How does the Spiritual Algorithm of life work?

Understanding and experiencing Kabbalah at the Tzfat Kabbalah Center – that’s our specialty!!

Tens of thousands of people visit our Center every year, enjoying both learning and experiencing Kabbalah.
If you too, wish to study and experience Kabbalah – this is the perfect course for you!

What is Kabbalah and what are its origins?

Did you know that in Kabbalah you find the foundations of Positive Psychology?

What is the ‘New Era’ of spirituality, and what are its opportunities?

What’s in the mystical ‘Book of Creation’?

What makes the 2nd Century Book of the ‘Zohar’ so important?

How does and ancient spiritual wisdom corresponds with academic studies, science and modern technology?

About all this and a lot more, find out now in our new course

Next course starts

July 26th 2021

From the beginning of the course, on Monday July 26st , and for 4 weeks,
You’ll receive every morning, Monday through Thursday – a short video with explanation on specific topics of Kabbalah + text files for self-study and inspiration, you can use at your convenient time. 

Every Sunday, starting August 1 st 2021 you’ll join a live class on ZOOM, 8pm Israel Time, 1pm EST | 10am PST

The live ZOOM class will be recorded.

Spiritual Studies in the New Era

Can the body exist without the Soul?

Nowadays, spiritual studies are not the unique share or privilege of selected individuals or specific groups. On the contrary – today, more than ever before, spiritual studies and practices, take on a major role by the general public, by people who come from different backgrounds, who find great interest in fields that were considered in the past as esoteric, mystical or ‘religious’. The modern era introduces accelerated technological developments, globalization, and breakthrough in many scientific researches, which impose new types of challenges to human societies, communities and individuals, in all aspects of life. Simultaneously, spiritual studies also become available to many who are looking for spiritual, philosophical, intellectual and practical tools for better understanding of the New Era. Kabbalah, perhaps the most influential spiritual philosophy on human thought in recent Centuries, is an ancient spiritual-practical wisdom, that teaches a method for empowerment in many fields of life. The wisdom of Kabbalah, which is part of Jewish mystical tradition of thousands of years, is the dynamic and vibrant soul of life, that anyone can study today without dependency on any officialdom or organization

Can hardware work without software ?

The new digital course was developed by the Tzfat Kabbalah Center’s staff, as a respond to the great demand, and the numerous requests that reached our headquarters from the world over, from groups and individuals, who wish to familiarize themselves with the wisdom of Kabbalah, and gain inspiration as well as practical methods for connecting with the spiritual dimension of reality. The new course is not too long and also very inexpensive. We really wish to make it affordable to all. We designed the course, so it is available to all, and will provide a vast and deep background to understanding fundamental topics of Kabbalah, in a suitable way for both people with limited background, and for those who have experienced spiritual studies in the past, equally. The course is designed as an intro to many topics, yet providing deep knowledge about the spiritual realm and the human soul, while being intellectually challenging and spiritually inspiring, as it provides spiritual-practical tools matching the new era.

What will I get from the course?

Can one be satisfied being aware of only 50% of reality?
The physical without the spiritual? 

Together with the understanding of Kabbalah and its fascinating teachings, the course will provide cognitive and practical tools for self-empowerment in many fields of life, as many are facing new challenges in the modern and new era. No doubt, this is the spiritual course you looked for ! 

The course is a ‘Spa for the Soul’ – it will boost your knowledge and understanding of the spiritual dimension of life, will empower and provide joy and meaning to your relationships with yourself (self-awareness), with your spouse, colleagues and friends, and will illuminate your relations with G-d and the Universe.

Who is the course for?

The course was designed to fit every person, man or woman, who wish to familiarize him or herself with the important and influential wisdom of Kabbalah, in a high and professional level, using authentic methodology, that was proved highly successful. The course is made to suit anyone, and there is no need for previous knowledge.

Do you have to be Jewish to study Kabbalah?

 No. nowadays, every person can study and implement the universal principles of the wisdom of Spiritual Judaism and Kabbalah, in accordance with one’s experience, and knowledge he gained.

do you need a high level of Judaic studies before studying Kabbalah?

No. there were clear restrictions and criteria, in the past, regarding those allowed to study the secrets of Kabbalah. Since the initial public revelation of Kabbalah approximately 800 years ago, in a process that took Centuries, the wisdom has become available to all.

do you need to be religious to study Kabbalah?

No. For the simple reason that Judaism is not a religion, and Kabbalah, as part of the Oral Torah titled ‘The Soul of Torah’, authentically represent this principle.

Can women study Kabbalah?

 of course. Many women around the world study Kabbalah these days, just as they study every other type of wisdom, spiritual, academic, professional etc. 

Do you need to study Kabbalah from a specific source?

No. these days you can find great teachers in every corner of our planet, and many legitimate places who teach the spiritual wisdom of Kabbalah.

Can you really study Kabbalah online?

 Definitely YES. Our digital-live course combines original texts of Kabbalah, and teachings of Kabbalists of recent Centuries, with study of ancient Kabbalah from the ‘Zohar’, Book of Creation and other sources. However, our course is not just ‘textual’, and the vast experience we’ve gained in more than 2 decades of teaching Kabbalah, makes our unique course an experience of Kabbalah study, where students feel close and connected to what Kabbalah is about.

Hello friends

Introducing Rabbi Eyal Riess – founder and director of Tzfat Kabbalah Center.
The special digital-live course will be taught by our founder and director, Eyal Riess. Eyal was born in Tel Aviv in 1965, and has been studying and teaching Kabbalah in Tzfat for almost three decades. He was an officer in the IDF, and while learning in TA University for three years, he accumulated a vast universal spiritual knowledge, which led him to discover the wisdom of Spiritual Judaism and Kabbalah. While living in Tzfat, in the years preceding the establishment of the Tzfat Kabbalah Center, Eyal conducted numerous Kabbalah seminars in various places on the globe, mainly in Israel, the U.S. , England and India, in which many thousands have participated. 

Eyal was a Rabbi in Yeshiva in Tzfat, taught at the International Academy for Jewish Leadership, and served as a Rabbi at a girls’ school in Tzfat. For more than a decade, Eyal has been teaching Kabbalah online, in Hebrew and in English to individuals and small groups from around the world. 
“Witnessing how the spiritual experience and Kabbalah study in Tzfat does so much good, and brings so much light into the lives of the thousands of people I meet every year, I am thankful to G-d who has put me in this position” says Eyal. “I invite you to join me in this special journey of spiritual studies, and wish you much joy and inspiration”




16 short daily videos + PDF files (Kabbalah texts, diagrams, explanations & more)
4 Zoom live classes – 1 each week

First week

What is Kabbalah

What does the word Kabbalah mean? 

Kabbalah of parallel realities.

The book of the Zohar.

3 channels of Kabbalah revelations.

Practical and intellectual Kabbalah.

Week Two

The Soul

10 Sefirot  – Faculties of the Soul.

Harmony between five levels of the Soul.

The Two Souls model.

Making best decisions in life.

Garments of the Soul.

The New Era consciousness.

Week Three

Spirtual Worlds & Hebrew Letters

Infinity – from nothingness to reality.

The system of 4 spiritual worlds.

Mystical powers of Hebrew letters.

32 paths of wisdom.

The divine algorithm of life.

Week Four

The New Era

The Zohar prophecy.

The spiritual and technological revolutions.

Quantum Physics, Entanglement Theory and Kabbalah.

Kabbalah empowering Practices for day to day life.

The opportunity:
What did you do recently for you Soul?

Our special digital & live course cost only $95 Like the price of one private class at our Center

Bonus for first 10 registrants: free ‘Code of the Soul’ file According to person’s name and date of birth (Value of file: $45)

Next course starts

July 26 2021

From the beginning of the course, on Monday July 26nd , and for 4 weeks,
You’ll receive every day Monday through Thursday – a short video with explanation on specific
Topics of Kabbalah + text files for self-study and inspiration.

Every Sunday, starting August 1th 2021 you’ll join a live class on ZOOM, 8pm Israel Time, 1pm EST (NY, FLA’

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Tzfat Kabbalah Center

 Tzfat Kabbalah Center was founded in 2007 with a grant given by the Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County, Florida. The Center host annually tens of thousands students and visitors from the world over for retreats, seminars, educational and tourist programs in different languages. 

The Center is located in a charming building at the heart of the enchanted Old City of Tzfat – World Capital of Kabbalah, and serves as a focal point for those who wish to study the authentic Kabbalah from its origins, the wellsprings of spiritual inspirations of the Tzfat famous Kabbalists.

 The Center’s staff specializes in teaching authentic Kabbalah in an engaging and experiential way, using intellectually stimulating methods that connect the spiritual studies to life in the modern world. 

These days, as the global visitors’ traffic is significantly smaller, yet the demand for our spiritual classes is constantly growing , we decided to create our first digital & live course.

 For more than a decade, and on a daily basis, Tzfat Kabbalah Center is doing online classes and webinars, for groups and individuals from around the world. The vast knowledge and experience we’ve accumulated, we bring to you in this new digital-live course. 

Enjoy !!

מרכז הקבלה של צפת


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